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that's the sausage. thanks for your business.
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woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite.
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i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. . a spontaneous celebration. president obama has been reelected. there are many bay areaations still up in the air. >> election workers are tabulating thousands of ballots cast in the east bay. >> reporter: that's right. even though the presidential election has been called, these
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boxes are still being counted. they have many semi trucks waiting behind this. some ballots are being delivered by car. the red envelope contains cards and the blue boxes contain the vote by mail ballots. so far voter turnover -- t turn- out is about 34%. >> if it's close, they've got to get their victory, any state, in that 20%, so they will wait for us to process them. that 20% for us could be 60,000 ballots and could take three or
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four days to count. >> election staff can't go home until all of the precincting deliver their ballast. -- their ballots. these workers will be up late into the night to make sure everything gets processed. >> and more results now. measure a is winning so far. that means an $11 parcel tox will be over the next six years to help fund the community college district, assuming it passes. >> richmond voters are rejecting a proposed soda tax. if approved they would have a fee on one cent per ounce of sugar sweet beverages. it's losing with a 68% no vote. the latest tallly shows the next measure is winning with 62%.
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voters appear to be voting down a'a patient on measurement c. it would be taxed at a rate of 4%. >> debates and campaign battle. after the dust settles, washington remains the same as it was before the election. let's go there with scott. >> reporter: the president keeps the white house. republicans keep the u.s. house and democrat keep the senate. after two years of washington gridlock, the power structure remains as-is. >> after cheering crowds surrounded the white house and the larger crowds gathered in chicago, president obama smoke. >> we are an american family and we rise or fall together as one
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nation and as one people. >> the gop keeps the u.s. house, and easily, for the first time in years, there were so many competitive races in california, the votes being talllied late into the night tonight you but democrats couldn't make moves in the west, which will lead to the future of pelosi, the house democratic leader who didn't say if she would stick around. washington state senator murry led a celebration in dc for senate democrats who managed to hold their narrow majority thanks to blow -out wins by candidates in important battleground states. >> one we started almost two years ago now with this cycle, no one thought we would be able to keep the majority. we will do great and keep the majority and have great people in the senate. >> when will a decision come
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from her? we're told the democrats will have their leadership elections within a few days of thanksgiving -- thanksgiving. live in dc tonight, scott mcfarland. >> back to the bay area. voters across the area cast votes in a dozen congressional races. >> we have been following those races, two of which gained national attention. >> yes. one of those is a democrat versus democrat class right here in district 15. let's go live now and look the at the long-time congressman stark. look at the latest numbers we have. a fellow democrat is leading stark, 54 to 46%, too close to
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call. let's go to district 14, and that has been -- jacky will be in office for another term. we're going to go to 17, another incumbent will remain in office. going on to district 18, we have a winner here which is the incumbent, ann, and she will get another two years in congress. district 19, another incumbent has been reelected, and one more district for us to get to, and that is 20, and sam has won the election here in district 20. >> one of the other things to pay attention to is lynn who has been a member of congress for 20 years has retired in district two, so let's see how this race is shaping up. hoffman is leading. this race we can call. district three, look at that
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race. a close one for john. we can't all this race yet. he's being challenged by vaughan, too early to call. we can call district five, thompson is the winner. he retains his seat there. let's move to district 11. this is in the richmond-walnut creek area and he was reelected. another district, you will recognize this name, pelosi, 85% over her challenger and wins in her race there. the same situation across the bay in the east bay for barbara lee in oakland, quit % margin of victory and declared the winner. we have almost all of the incumbents declared winners except for stark.
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>> we'll be keeping an eye on that for you and much more coming up. >> this is a huge night for democrats in the bay area with president obama winning and supporters, needless to say are celebrating. david, still some democrats hanging out. >> reporter: yes. this party celebration has mostly emptied out but still going on, this after a speech by the president that left his supporters excited and energized this evening. look at the video we shot all night. hundreds of people packed the party at this former towers record storm in the castro district. the warm weather brought in a lot of people passing by on the sidewalk or driving by for this party that was headlined by local democrat leaders and residents. >> it's never about winning or losing. it's about the opportunity to work for each other because that's how the giants did it!
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>> i'm so happy. i feel like we'll live some more. four more years, yes! >> usa. usa. >> reporter: individually democratic leaders didn't focus on too many of the initiatives that went down in flames or didn't go the way they wanted them to. the party continues. you can hear people chanting, "four more years" and that party is winding down. back to you. >> we want to welcome our viewers who joined us on tv36 a few minutes ago and remind you we are constantly reminding you
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of the results at the bottom of the screen. >> california california, coverage, live, prop 30, which would increase income tax on high-earners. it would bump up the sales tax for everybody. remember when we last checked on prop 30. it was split 50/50. the race is tight but no longer that. the yes' are coming out ahead at 52%. -- the yeses are coming out ahead. let's move to 31. it's complicated. it would revise the state budget process establishing a 2-year budget cycle and expands the governor's budget power and changes how they balance the
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budget. it's a similar split, 41% say yes but the no's have it so far. prop 33 would change how car insurance rates are calculated and would allow drivers to keep a loyalty discount if they change insurance providers. voters do not like this idea with 54% responding no and 46% saying yes to prop 33. proposition 36, this one revises the 3-strikes law and would reduce the sentence for third-strike penalties from life in prison to a prison sentence that is twice the issue term. it looks like in a big way voters like the idea. 69% coming in with a yes vote and 31%, no. proposition 37. this is the one that would require labeling for genetically engineering food. more than 40 countries have
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this. it looked like the no vote is 55%. the yes, 45%. moving to prop 38, this was the measure opposing prop 30. it's a tax increase. up like 30, 38 would have hiked taxes for almost all of individuals in california. voters said no in a big way, giving it a thumping. only 27% saying yes. finally, proposition 39, and this one would require multistate businesses to calculate their california income tax based on the percentage of sales in our state, essentially eliminating a tax incentive to keep their california staff smile. voters like this idea with 60% voting yes to the no's at 40%. we will continue to bring you more results for the key proposition that drove voters to the polls today. >> back to the president obama
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race. republicans gathered tonight to watch. we are in walnut creek where that celebration turned to disappointment. john? >> reporter: this was supposed to be a big celebration going on. but as you can see, that party never happened. republicans gathered to cheer, but it didn't work out that way. when it was called for president obama, numerous people started to clear out and head home. we talked with some of them about why they think their candidate lost. >> i'm very disappointed that he lost. i'm really -- i had signs at my house and voted for him. >> reporter: republicans are autos losing the prosperity initiative. >> america chose a socialist
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leader rather than a cap capitalist economy. >> everything will continue to get worse. >> reporter: there were some democrats in the crowd, at least at one table in the corner. >> i didn't want to growth in front of their -- gloat in front of their faces, but i was happy. >> a lot of sadness for the republicans. i heard one woman say, i'm going to go to my car and cry. live in walnut creek, channel actual news. >> several tails tax hikes. -- sales tax hikes. the half cent tax hike would last for eight years and be used to maintain funding for city services including fire and police protection. in santa clair county, a half cent sales tax there which is losing. the measure would increase the
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general sales tax by 1/8th of a cent. voters are also voting down a quarter cents sales tax. in fairfield voters are also saying no to proposition p, a 1% sales tax increase that would have severe cuts to city services. >> let's go back to the newsroom with social media. >> reporter: twitter reports there were more than 31 million election-related tweets today alone, and that makes it easily the biggest day for social media in its short history. comments about president obama's victory are still leading the way on military tonight. a lot of -- twitter on the feed here. in other corners, we can tell you, among those celebrating
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the president's victory is crystal johnson. she went into the facebook page and wrote, quote, i am very proud of our youth here in america. thank you for getting out and having your voice be heard. we are still hearing from many. you can find us online and in addition to all of the talk about the president's victory, we are beginning to see prop 30 trending on twitter in the bay area as those results continue to role in in what looks like a very tight night so far. live in the newsroom, ktvu u. >> three states are voting on the legalizing of marijuana and
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we're not talking about medical. a measure is allowing marijuana to be taxed. early returns show it's passing in the state of washington for adults. but recreational marijuana is being rejected in oregon. oakland voters were asked to vote on a $12 yearly tax to pay for animal care at the oakland zoo. it looks like it is trailing. supporters of the measure argued it would keep the animal well-cared for and prevent an increase in fees. opponents say there's not enough oversight of how it spends their money and there's other pressing issues to spend money. measure s needs a simple majority to pass and now it looks like it will do so. measure s prohibits people from sitting on the sidewalk in a
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certain time of day. it's in place for prohibiting loi entering -- loitering. >> proposition 30 is the one that is too close to call. it could be decided by tomorrow. any big surprises? maybe your final thought? >> i think it's a big surprise. the polls indicated it was dipping below 30%. i think we're seeing the heightened turn yet by -- turn-out of the presidential election may have had an effect on this proposition. tonight it looks like a good night in california for democrats. they may not have done as well in some of the congressional races as they had hoped but prop 30 is a significant measure in
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california and it appears most of the issues democrats favored have done well, as well as president obama winning. >> with it being so close, how long do you think it could take before we know the out-come of the prop? >> days. the counties will stop counting tonight and waiting to get the absentee ballots that were dropped off and it could be a few days. it's interpreting in the right direction for those who want it to pass but there's still a lot of ballots to be counted. >> it looks like it could be the end for congressman spark? >> yes. it's surprising. an incumbent who is well-liked and well-respected in washington and to be taken out, it's in
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fact a surprising out-come. >> thank you. now we see a lot of students at the college. are they still out or gone back to the domes? >> --dorms? >> reporter: they all had classes so they went back. but the students feel they did their part in keeping president obama there. it was sort of like a campaign rally here tonight as the viewing party started at 5:00 and went to 11:00. if you look at the view from the balcony, there was a huge crowd. let's put it at about 12 to 1300 people here. the crowd grew and grew until the president spoke and there
11:53 pm
was much applause during that speech and excitement. many much these students have never voted before so this was thrilling. >> it was a great way to start off college with an election my beginning year. >> so true. >> it's breeds interesting politics. >> it breeds interesting politics. >> this was very important to me. i'm excited. >> i felt amazing to vote for the first time, especially with all of the college students, you know, being able to share our opinions. it's the most important year for higher education. >> reporter: look at their faces when word came that president obama had gone over the top. the looks of shock and
11:54 pm
surprise, laughter, tears, hugging, students were thrilled and they stayed here again until just a little while ago when the crowd thinned. the diehard here are interested in prop 30, the one that would freeze the education cuts and that's near and dear to them because it will determine whether they will have tuition hikes. live at uc berkeley. >> a warm day around here. we had record heat as we talked about earlier, and it was 82 degrees at the airport. temperatures will cool tomorrow, about 10 degrees. a major cool-down coming. these were the highs from tomorrow, significant record heat second day in a row. the forecasts tomorrow, not as high. green it is are 60s and yellows are 70s. the forecast for tonight, coastal fog is back at the
11:55 pm
beaches. cooler tomorrow. the extended forecast, showers in the forecast as we go into thursday. here's how it breaks down. here comes that cold front. here comes at the cold air. scattered showers into friday. the 5-day forecast, an interesting scenario. we have winter weather advisories in the mountains. snow levels, about 3,000 feet. with those snow levels we are expecting travelel concerns ove the weekend. it will bizer during the weekend. >> looks like we're going down for a quick dive and then coming back up? >> yes. >> now, with sports. we have been busy. what is going on? >> not very much. it was a day in sports in the bay area where things got out of the way and let the election be
11:56 pm
the only story. after the bye week, smith is a guy who was the subject of the tweet during the break that said he had been jumped somewhere around missouri where he went to college. he denied it. he addressed the nature of other transgertion -- transgertion and the way -- transgreshshun. >> bad news circulates more than good news. i don't have control over that. but i have do have control over my actions. >> reporter: do you feel like you've grown up in the last six months or so? >> i hope so. i've grown up. i'm learning from my actions, learning from everything, good
11:57 pm
and bad. i'm maturing, or whatever. [ laughter ] >> this may be the only night we ever give-game between toledo and the ballstate. they win, 34-27. if this game was important, that's because you probably had money on it. tomorrow, the warriors hosting cleveland. that's it for now. >> thank you. a final word on the election. president obama has been reelected for a second term. right now he has at least 303 electoral votes with 270 needed to win. florida is too close to call. mnvotes there and has already conceded. >> proposition 30, it was
11:58 pm
governor's brown's attempt. right now we see a surge in the yes column, winning, 52% to 48%. we thank you for trusting us. we will see you at 4:30:00 a.m.. four -- see you at 4:30 in the morning. we will see you tomorrow. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom.
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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, we've got great videos, "right this minute"! >> firefighters try to free a man who is stuck.
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i mean, really stuck. >> he's impaled on a wrought iron fence. >> how a night out on the hollywood hills went downhill fast. a pizza delivery guy left more than pizza behind. we're not talking anchovies, folks. you're looking at one spoiled granddog. >> glad he had a life jacket on. how he finally rose to be top spot. plus, winners coast to coast in our ipad giveaway. now get your chance with tuesday's buzz word -- and some good samaritans stop to help a granny. >> this woman is lost. >> it's a bit nippy, especially in here. >> why no good deed goes unpunished. >> that's not very nice, grandma. >> what better way to end the night out than taking a beautiful view. even better, the view of the hollywood hills, right? picturesque, beautiful.
12:02 am
that's what this guy was trying to do, except here's how he ended up. >> his leg is impaled on a wrought iron fence. this video is from the guy is 25 years old. police say he was drinking and he and a buddy tried hop over this fence -- around a home, to take in a nice view of the city. but, yeah, he ended up in quite a painful predicament. >> ooh! >> firefighters had to cut off a portion of the fence -- and take this guy to the hospital with a piece of the fence still in his leg. firefighters kind enough to give him any kind of heavy drugs during this? >> it doesn't sound like it, because -- look. >> oh, my gosh! you can see the dude is in obvious pain, they wheel him out on a stretcher, an lapd sergeant told the "l.a. weekly" quote it's not unusual for hollywood. it does look as though this guy will be okay.
12:03 am
he was taken to the hospital, expected to survive. his buddy made it over. so hopefully his bud was able to take some pictures of the view they were trying to take in and maybe could show him later, put them on facebook. >>y know how to think about the video. sticks up in the leg and through muscle and it had to have been -- rubbing the bone? >> ow! >> yeah. when you order your pizza, you probably go for extra cheese, pepperoni, anchovies, if you like them. but you would probably never go with -- urine. >> what? >> check out what happened to this woman. she ordered pizza from pizza hut and she had it delivered. in this surveillance video we see this delivery guy at her door giving her the pizza. sometimes you don't have money for a tip. she didn't tip him and he pretends to walk away. then pauses, but before actually leaving, he turns back around,
12:04 am
goes to her door. >> and can you see him there just -- doing his duty. >> oncehe turns around, the surveillance video shows him tucking his shirt in and zipping his pants up. >> oh boy. >> i was -- i thought you were going to tell me he peed on her pizza. >> extra gross. >> but this is still pretty gross. >> think about how many other pizzas he delivered that neat with pee-pee hands. did he get in trouble? >> kcci talked to the manager and they said the worker has been fired. but the woman said that he called to apologize and went back to clean her doors. ? practice for his next job, janitor. >> aw. he shouldn't have peed on the door, but you got to tip the guy. not too long ago i brought you this story. remember this? the bus driver in cleveland, ohio, who got out his cell phone camera so he could catch a woman
12:05 am
driving on the sidewalk, to avoid a stopped school bus. >> apparently she did this all the time. that's why the guy knew to wait there with his camera. >> exactly. this woman passed with the stop sign out, a big, fat no-no. i have an update. this was a little sting operation, a police car was waiting right there to catch her in the act. this driver, 32-year-old sheena harden appeared in court yesterday. listen to her punishment. the judge sentenced h to pay suspended her license for 30 days. but here's the best part. she also, today and tomorrow, has to stand at the intersection of 38th street and pain avenue wearing a sign that says "only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus."
12:06 am
court-ordered punishment. today and tomorrow she will be wearing that sign standing at the intersection. >> court-ordered embarrassment. >> i love it. >> that's great. >> i wish they would do that more often. >> don't pass that stop sign. when it sticks out on that bus, don't pass it. pretty soon you might be wearing a sign saying you're an idiot. we've got an ipad to give away and you're going to need the buzz word. >> get ready, we'll be giving you tuesday's buzz word in just a little bit. then head on over to, click on win an ipad button an enter tuesday's buzz word. >> tuesday's buzz word. you have to be 18 or older for your chance to enter and win an ipad 3. stand by to enter and win and good luck, everybody. formula one racing is my favorite sport. now there is a new way to view the cars. this is something calleded
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making view. playing an youtube video of an in-cockpit view of a formula one driver. ky go all the way around and look 0 out the back of this race car. ky see who might be racing to my side. i can even look down on the car. almost like i'm floating over the top. of the car. >> this is like google street view inside of a formula one car. >> i would like to turn the camera to see who is racing next to me. >> to see if the guy is shaking a fist or flipping me the bird or something as i'm going by. >> i like to think that it's me. >> that's the approach. >> here's a different video. from a rally in austria. >> i show you guys a lot of crash videos this one is a win. >> just watch how quickly this guy goes to a very narrow dark forest, dirt road. >> how do you know where you're going? >> you've got a navigator sitting next to you, sitting next to you and calling out the turns. >> it looks like it's wet.
12:08 am
there's probably a ton of gravel. so unpredictable. and it's fall, 4how are you not distracted by the lovely leaves? >> you say left instead of right, you and your buddy are in a big wreck. >> you don't pick someone who has trouble with left and right. >> or somebody with a weak stomach who can't read in the car. >> secret information. beth troutman has trouble with left and right. >> it's an ad stirring up controversy. >> you see boobs working out, playing pool, on the beach. >> is it too much? >> oh, wow, wow what is going on here? we'll reveal why these women are baring their bosoms, next. and a wide receiver makes one heck of a play. >> look where he catches it. it's on the back of this defender. settle that's just the beginning. wait until you see how it all ends. joey, dinner!!!!! alllllriggghtttt! joey junior!!
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alllllriggghtttt! that's what you're wearing! what? thank you jack for bringing the cheesesteaks. well i just want to know what my favorite philly cousins think about my new- sourdough cheesesteak melt. i took all the best parts, thinly sliced steak, melty cheese, onions and peppers but i put it on warm, toasty sourdough. fan-cy. sourdough is my thing. i'm busting your chops, the cheesesteak's good. say it. you're better at hockey.
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great video, all day long. >> this lady was redoing her floor in her tattoo gallery but realized it's too expensive to buy and put down piles, she spent $25, got 25,000 pennies and made a floor using nothing but pen ins. >> isn't that weird that money is cheaper than using actual tiles. that seems strange to me, i would think that would be more expensive than using tiles. >> you would think. but in this piece -- it actually looks pretty cool. >> i think it's cool. >> can i do that? i just redid my house. >> maybe you could do did again. >> maybe i could do a countertop or something. >> you could have a garage, penny floor garage. >> hey, dude, come check out my
12:12 am
garage. this is so -- money>> it's abou finish the job. she did trade tattoos for manpower so she had people helping her do it without having to pay any extra money necessarily to do it. and it did take them about 300 hours to complete. pesky really wants in. this is surveillance footage from a warehouse in houston, texas. the guy kind of climbing down dangerously from the roof of this warehouse. according to the sheriffs department in houston. this is a metal piece. you pick up this giant piece of equipment. it's a giant industrial air conditioner. people are going on top of these warehouses and pushing the air conditioner units off the top of
12:13 am
the roof of these buildings. and then they're stealing the metal coils that are in it. stealing the scrap metal, all the metal in these air conditioning units. >> people are going for the copper and reselling it at salvage yards to get the money. a lot of people think it's related to drugs. >> the u.s. department of energy estimates this costs the u.s. economy around $1 billion per year. texas is the number two state for having to deal with the problem. they take anything from the coils from lights at a high school stadium to off the air conditioner at a church. they don't care who it is. they just want the metal for the money. >> these units are anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000, so it's costing them a ton of money to repair, a ton of money to fix. at this particular warehouse, this happened twice in a seven-day period. >> they got a new one and it happened again? >> it happened again. the sheriffs department in harris county released the video because they haven't caught these guys, and as you can see, they did it in broad daylight.
12:14 am
wild finish to an end of a high school football game. you almost have to see twice to believe what happened here. this is bergen catholic out of new jersey travelled to d.c. to play friendship academy. >> so bergen catholic, white uniform? >> yes. >> the other guys were the black uniform. >> yes. >> that makes it easier. >> this is the early fourth quarter of a high-scoring game. the bergen catholic quarterback throws up this ball, jj coulter, a wide receiver, he catches the ball. but look where he catches it, on the back of this defender from friendship academy. around the guy, almost like in a bear hug as two of these defenders are trying to take this guy down, james dawson comes up and snatches the ball from his teammate and run it is into the end zone. >> is that legal? >> that's absolutely legal. the guy was still up in the air. it would be like if you were a stealing the ball from the guy on offense. >> the guy who caught it
12:15 am
probably had no idea it was his teammate. >> i think you're right, when you watch, he has no idea what happens until he sees his teammates jumping around. >> maybe he's bummed. >> i think he was trying to drag the ball and the other player into the end zone. >> this is what took the game to overtime. bergen catholic ended up winning 48-42, a huge play. jack here is just trying to get his toy off the tv tray. >> he's stretching pretty far. >> see what happens when he decides to take a big leap of faith. >> oh! and how do you eat your strawberries? >> you do like to bite and then like the side, side bite. well, turns out you're doing it wrong. learn how to shuck your strawberries the right way on "right this minute." strawberries the right way on "right this minute." you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. strawberries the right way on "right this minute."
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college, so the parents are like -- let's have fun with the dog. >> you're like, mom and dad, take care of my dog and you see this video on you tube and you're like glad he had a life jacket on. >> i'm pretty spoiled dog. very good mom and dad to take the dog jet-skiing. >> the next thing you know, that dog's going to have your old bedroom. this is jack, he is a yorkie. look what jack is doing, he's got the legs on his couch and he's trying to get the toy off the tv tray. does he get it? >> he's stretching. >> watch what happens. >> get up there, buddy. go ahead, you can do it. >> oh! [ laughter ] . >> he got it, but he messed up the smount. >> t couch is what got him. >> it was slippery up there. >> the person who was watching, don't you get the sneaky suspicion that they orchestrate everything. he's got these two legs and the
12:19 am
camera was like i have a feeling this happened before to this poor dog. >> it looks like he's okay. >> you boys better get some bibs to catch your drool. because we're about to watch breasts go through every day life. >> they're doing lots of interesting stuff. they really are. they're doing it with that nice little -- hello. >> keep watching. >> please. you see boobs working out, playing pool, on the beach, in the shower. wow, wow, what is going on here? >> moments of everyone
12:20 am
greatness. >> this ad is targeted at men. it says at the end of the ad, if we like them so much, we should look after them. encourage a woman to have a breast exam. to make sure that we prevent breast cancer in those we love. it's so in your face, it's very gratuitous, boobage everywhere. i wonder if guys are going to remember to tell their wives to go get their breasts checked. >> you have it on your calendar and your cell phone dings when you're ready to go. >> i don't know that this is going to work. >> you know what? if it gets five people to do it, that's all you can ask for. >> you're exactly right. >> now i'll play some air hockey. now take your shirt off. we have winners from all over america in the "right this minute" ipad giveaway. today's tuesday, time to give one away. >> remember, you have to be 18
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years or older to enter and you have to have tuesday's buzz word. >> you have to head over to our facebook page to enter the giveaway. >> all right, steven. it's time. >> tuesday's buzz word is -- superhero! that's right, superhero. head over to facebook talk/rightthisminute. hit the ipad button. and enter s-u-p-e-r-h-e-r-o for your chance to win an ipad 3. good luck, everybody. grandma calls some people over to ask a question. and then -- >> oh! what? the heck? >> see how they hang in when she hangs out. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple.
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[ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you. and sutter health -- i'm totally feelin' it. this loaded breakfast sandwich is awesome! am i trippin'...or is that jack box? you're not trippin'. i'm here. and my loaded breakfast sandwich is just loaded with country grilled sausage, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and melting cheese on toasted sourdough. you can stop pretending. the only thing you're feeling is full. i am soooo loaded... that's the sausage. thanks for your business.
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today we're going to have little fun learning about the amazing honey bee. >> it's a honey bee eating honey. >> they make the hopny and they eat the honey? >> apparently the poster of this video saw this little bee being attacked by ants. so the guy rescued the bee, the bee was kind of in shock. so he you know poured a little honey on the table. it looks like a paper towel. and the bee, instead of flying away scared, sits here and eats it. >> his little tongue coming out. >> he's like slurping up the honey. >> the poster titled it, bumble bro. >> honey is one of the only foods on the planet that contains all of the substances necessary to sustain life. >> i didn't know that. doesn't also honey does not go bad, too. there's no expiration dates on honey. i feel like i need to eat some honey. >> it can also increase your brain power. >> i need that.
12:25 am
nothing like helping out a little old lady. being a good samaritan. this woman isn't one. >> she stops to ask a nearby guy for directions. >> do you know how to get to boob street? >> boob street? >> b-o-o-b. like these ones. >> oh! what the heck? >> that is not very fis, grandma. >> this is a prank video. the guy's name is alky stevens, he's in australia and here's his costume. >> oh boy. he's got a granny kind of dickey that he puts over his head and chest. and drives around the streets of melbourne. >> it's a bit nippy today, isn't it? >> yeah. >> especially in here. >> i love that guy's reaction. >> oh! >> you know how to get to boob street? >> boob? >> like boobs.
12:26 am
i think it's -- >> oh -- >> i love this guy in the blue jacket. he's keeping eye contact. he is trying not to react at all. he's not looking at him. he's just a gentleman. >> he's trying to give her directions to boob street. most people try not to look at the -- at the wet socks in that shirt. they're more like if you had like a pair of panty hose and you put an orange in there and you let that hang down. you know? that's kind of what it looks like. >> if you want to see granny in all her glory, go to "right this minute" and click on best of. >> strawberries are delicious. one of the hardest things to do is getting the green leaves off of them without chewing all over the place. >> you do the bite and then the side bite. >> sometimes you cut it in half.
12:27 am
if you cut the top off you end up wasting a bunch of strawberry. >> or you can eat the green, which doesn't sound very tasty. you can rip it off. or you can do a trick that we learned from which is this right here. you take a straw and you basically just punch it right into the strawberry, and then the leaves come off like nothing. >> it like takes the little hat off. >> it's like a green leafy hat. >> foodbeast, they've come up with better ways to eat food. cupcakes, drinking soda and now the strawberry hat. >> i'm going to do this every time i eat a strawberry. >> a straw for your strawberries. >> that's why they're called strawberries. >> that's it for us here at rtm.
12:28 am
we'll see you tomorrow, >> that's it for us here at rtm. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody! -- captions by vitac --
12:29 am

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